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So, my weekend was awesome. I finally got my hair cut and it is fabulous. It’s back up to my shoulders and I have my layers and bangs back as well. I missed having my hair this short. Also, definitely easier to take care of.

I got to see the Will to my Grace this weekend. He didn’t bail on me for once! You see, usually during trail ride weekend he’ll come up with a reason as to why he can’t come but this time he did! He only stayed for dinner, but at least I got to see him! I’ve missed him so much. The last time I spent any quality time with him was when he graduated police academy last year. 

As you guys already know, I went on the ride on Sunday. I am so sore. Normally I don’t spend more than an hour on a horse at a time, but Sunday I was on that horse for 4 and a half hours. I am saddle sore like whoa (horse) but it was a ton of fun and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. 

And then, I had the best surprise when I came home. My life and my family’s life has been super stressful lately and we might have to move (again) so I just sort of unloaded all my frustration on Kyla last week. Not only did she make me feel better then, but she sent me a package with a card, a little stuffed moose, and a book called 1,033 Reasons to Smile. She is the best fucking wife ever and should win all the awards. I can’t tell you what it means to me that she did all that for me just to cheer me up. I love her tons and tons and tons. <3<3<3

Oh, and I got to dance with a shirtless cowboy Saturday night. I also danced with another cowboy who tried to get me to go back to his tent with him and told me that he had protection with him. Yeah, twas a good weekend.

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